The flooded basement in LaPortia’s home was growing worse by the day, taking a dangerous toll on her entire family—but especially for her child who struggles with chronic asthma.

Finally, she swallowed her fear and decided she had no choice but to take her children and leave their home. But where could they go? The landlord, who wouldn’t make repairs to the flooded basement, also refused to return the security deposit needed to secure a new home!

Family members tried to help them, but money was tight and there was not enough room in any of their homes. Then LaPortia’s grandmother welcomed the family, but before the children were even settled in, shots were fired at the house from a passing car!

Desperate to keep her children safe, LaPortia turned to DRMM and for the first time in a long time, she felt hope.

“I never thought I’d be living in a shelter, but staying here for a short time will help so much,” LaPortia says. “And my kids love being here because there are other children. They’ve made friends and can just be kids together.”

With her children safe and happy, LaPortia is able to focus on next steps for her and her family. She was amazed to learn that DRMM offers more than food and shelter. Thanks to support from caring friends and donors, she’s also receiving life-changing resources that include day care, job and educational counseling, and more.

LaPortia is grateful to God for delivering her family to DRMM, and for supporters like you who give so generously. “Thank you for your help, we really need it,” she says. “Thank you for being the type of person who opens your heart and gives to help others in need. I’m grateful that you’re helping me and my family, and also that you’re helping so many others who are in an even worse situation than me.”

Please make a gift now to help reach other families who are in need. Especially now with a new school year about to begin! You can help at-risk children stay safe, nourished, and have the confidence to succeed in school!


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