It was a bitterly cold and windy day when William came through the Mission doors hoping for a meal . . .

After the meal was over, William waited around and finally found the courage to ask if he could talk with us about something important.

First, he expressed thanks for the good, hot meal he’d received. He said it was the first real meal he’d had in a while!

Then he asked if it was true that DRMM was really able to help people rebuild their broken lives . . . even “lost causes” like him.

You see, William battled addiction for years. Time after time, others told him he was beyond help. Sadly, he’d come to believe they were correct!

That’s when we told William that DRMM has one of the best treatment programs in the nation. If he was committed to making permanent changes in his life, then yes, we would love to help him get the fresh start he longed for.

William had tears in his eyes when he shared that he’d grown up with no father figure. So, when a cousin came home from prison, he became William’s role model and put him on the wrong path in life.

William was trapped by drugs for so long that he’d driven away his family and lost everything that mattered to him. He could hardly bear to hope he could get clean and get a fresh start in life . . .

But he did get a fresh start, and it all started with the gift of a meal from someone like YOU. Today, he’s free from drugs and knows he was never “a lost cause,” never “beyond help,” thanks to the infinite love and mercy of Christ. He knows now that Jesus gave us ALL the chance for new life when He suffered and died on the cross!

That’s why I ask you to make a gift of meals now—as many as you can!

Imagine if every $1.95 meal you provided made a life-changing difference for the 2,200 men and women who will turn to us EVERY DAY this Easter season!

William says, “If I hadn’t come to DRMM, I’d probably be dead. I wish I had come to the Mission a long time ago. Coming here was one of the most positive things that ever happened to me. This place kept me grounded and has really helped me transition back into society. God is guiding me every day . . .”

Friend, Easter is just around the corner. Please share a generous gift now to help other hurting and hungry souls, like William, get a good, hot meal and a fresh start in life.  Your gift of meals will open doors to help, hope, and healing!

Give Now!

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