1. Good evening. I would consider it service to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ if I could be a blessing to you and to others by helping at DRMM this Christmas. I am a widow, and have wanted to do this for quite a while, but the Lord has put it on my heart that now is the time.
    Also, if you have any need for volunteers for Thanksgiving, please consider me.
    Thank you and God bless you.

  2. Looking for opportunities to volunteer!

  3. Hi, my family and I would love to volunteer please call me @ 313-471-9604 or email me please

  4. I want to adopt a family for Christmas

  5. What kinds of help/volunteers do you need for Christmas time?

  6. Our family is interested in helping this christmas.

  7. Do you still need help on Christmas? My family and I have previously volunteered with your group and would like to again. Please let me know.
    Mary Centlivre

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