Just ask Dwight*.

It was a caring friend just like you who provided the $1.95 meal that made a pivotal difference for him at the lowest point in his life . . .

You see, Dwight is a veteran, and he was proud to serve our nation. He knows what it means to give his all to his country—and his employer. Yet, after 15 years with the same company, he was laid off.

Shaken but resilient, Dwight found another job and gave them 12 years of devoted service . . . only to be laid off again.

“I was ‘downsized’—twice,” he says. “I just want a job where I can take care of myself.”

Suddenly, like so many people who have lost jobs since the pandemic came to Detroit, Dwight was struggling to find a job. Any job.

Over a good hot meal provided by a friend like you, we prayed with Dwight and assured him that we could help him through this difficult time in his life.

He listened when we told him that God loves him, that neighbors like you care, and that he could find work and rebuild his life through our job and educational programs, counseling, and more . . .

“I’m grateful for DRMM. This is a dignified place, and I’ve been treated with the utmost respect. They know me by name,” Dwight says with a smile. “I don’t think there is any other place like DRMM.”

Because of your support, Dwight found meals, help, and hope at DRMM. This Christmas will find him filled with joy because he knows that God has a plan and that friends like you care.

But so many other people are in desperate need! Please make a gift now to help another hungry and hurting neighbor get a holiday meal that could change everything for them this Christmas!



*Name changed for privacy

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