It’s 11am and you get that priceless phone call from HR that says YOU ARE HIRED. Woohoo!

You feel on top of the world, and eagerly break the good news to friends and family. Being in your best of moods, you want to start work without delay, and make all the outcome and impact you can.

You imagine how exciting and rewarding the work will be, how understanding and supportive your colleagues would be, how encouraging and empathetic your boss would be.

And if you are the very ambitious type, you also imagine how nice it would feel becoming the boss someday.

Then months, even years pass, and you are still at the job but instead of enjoying it and contributing your best, you are grinding your teeth, and taking advantage of every spare time to shop around for another job. You think bad of colleagues and dislike your boss. And at every turn, you criticize everyone.

Everybody gets on your nerves. Everybody is trying to hurt you. Everybody does not appreciate your work. Everybody is wrong but you are right. So, you think – unfortunately.

Well … let’s just say you are not alone. Many in the workplace feel that way. I know because I lead a big nonprofit organization in metro Detroit, I talk with other CEOs around the globe, and I read a lot about what’s going on at the workplace – be it nonprofit, business or government.

Feeling concerned, and wanting to ensure that everyone gets the opportunity to make the most of their work, I recently penned a quick-read titled 7 Keys To Enjoying Your Work Again (

Highly endorsed and written in a conversational style, you get very useful tips on how to overcome disinterestedness at work.

Now, I must state clearly that I don’t have all the answers. Nobody does. But what I am doing in this lovely little book is sharing the ones I have – because they have worked for me, and I have seen them work for others at different times in their career.

Why not?

We are family. We are community. We are humanity.

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