Having experienced homelessness as a child, Terry Grahl knows how difficult life can be. That’s why she founded Enchanted Makeovers, a corps of volunteers and artisans who gather to create positive environments and confidence-building programs for women and children who are living in shelters.

DRMM’s Genesis House II and III are among very few places in Detroit that are able to offer housing to women with children. Thanks to the ongoing work of Enchanted Makeovers, the bedrooms and hallways of these shelters have been transformed into beautiful, nurturing, hope-filled environments for the women and children who live here. The addition of “The Sacred Sewing Room” at Genesis II this past fall provided a unique environment for women to hone their skills while healing and growing through creativity and self-expression.

Special thanks, too, to a quilting group from Northridge Church in Plymouth, led by Nancy Zieman, who made a gift of handmade quilts last September to bring warmth, comfort, and joy to the women and children who are living at DRMM’s Genesis II. The quilts, constructed in a variety of colors and patterns, are beautiful and definitely make the families feel at home.

Not only do the volunteers make a gift of their quilts, which can take many months to complete, they also share their love of quilting by giving lessons to any of the Genesis II residents who wish to learn the craft. Many residents have tried their hand at quilting and greatly enjoyed the experience, and everyone is invited to see Nancy’s talents at work on the Sewing with Nancy show which airs on PBS.

Heartfelt thanks to Enchanted Makeovers, Nancy Zieman and the quilters at Northridge Church, our many volunteers, and all of our friends who support DRMM financially. Your support is providing women with children a safe, beautiful, and nurturing home while lives are rebuilt and independence is regained.

The gift of handmade quilts by a quilting group from Northridge Church bring joy and beauty to women and children living in DRMM’s Genesis II, inspiring some of the residents to try their hand at quilting!

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