The day David rolled into Detroit might have been his last, if not for the compassion of a stranger who knew DRMM is a special place where help and hope can be had . . . and where no one in need is ever turned away.

The stranger saw David struggling to get off a bus, juggling everything he owned in the world, and an oxygen tank that had been his constant companion since pneumonia and bronchitis had almost cost him his life.

David was in a panic as he explained that he had come to stay with his sister, but had just learned that she was away. He had no way to reach her. He had no money to stay in a hotel. He had nowhere else in the world to turn.

“Come with me,” the stranger said, leading David to a waiting taxi.

David protested, “I’ve got no money for a taxi!”

“Don’t you worry, all right?” the stranger said, insisting the taxi would take David—free of charge—to DRMM, a safe, warm place full of wonderful people who were waiting to help him.

David had worked hard all of his life. Until his deteriorating health caused him to collapse and made it impossible to work, he’d never imagined he would find himself asking for a hot meal and a bed.

Thanks to caring friends who generously support DRMM, we were able to welcome David immediately with a good hot meal and safe shelter. But that was only the beginning . . .

We helped David get the critical medical attention he needed. We helped him find work and encouraged him to restore his relationships with family and loved ones. And we introduced him to his Savior, Jesus, who filled him with fresh hope for a new beginning in life.

David is healthy and happy today. He’s living independently and his family is a big part of his life. Not a day goes by that David doesn’t give thanks to God for DRMM and the people who support their lifesaving and life-changing work.

“I’ve got a lot of respect for these people,” David says of DRMM staff. “They helped me get on the right road. They helped me get a job, clothes for work, and work boots. They gave me a bus card so I can get to work.”

“I pray every morning and talk to the Lord,” David says. “I know He’s not going to give me more than I can handle. He’s giving me what He feels is good for me. I believe that 100%.”

David is one of many who come through the doors of DRMM each day without hope. Thank you for your support that provides the programs and vital training that help the lost and broken with employment, sobriety, independent living skills, and the courage to begin again.

A new man today, David is truly thankful for the support of DRMM’s donors who helped him to get a fresh start in life!

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