A Hot Meal Leads to Charles’ Changed Life!


It’s a miracle we see again and again! A caring friend gives the gift of a meal, and a lost and broken soul finds hope to rebuild a broken life . . .

It was over a hot meal that Charles told us how he’d made mistake after mistake and lost the relationships that mattered most to him. He was desperate and found himself living on the streets . . .

“With nowhere to go, I came to Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries (DRMM). They were my last hope.”

Thanks to donations from people who care, DRMM was able to give Charles food, shelter, and the tools to rebuild his broken life—tools that include job and education counseling, a program to overcome addiction, spiritual help, and so much more.

“I can’t begin to tell you what the Mission does,” Charles says with tears in his eyes. “The counselors believed in me, so I started believing in myself again. I could have been counted out, but God was there for me.”

With new hope, Charles has had his commercial driver’s license restored and today he is working and living independently.

He will never forget what friends like you did for him, and he often returns to DRMM to help others . . .

“It’s all about getting your respect back, about standing up straight,” he says with a smile. “DRMM is a lifesaver.”

This Easter, and all year long, Charles and many other men and women will be giving thanks for your compassion and generosity, because they know YOU are the reason they are back on their feet.

With your support, you are blessing the people in our community who are in great need of help and hope!

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