William’s hunger had become a sharp pain because he hadn’t had much to eat in a long time. But his hope was even more desperate than his hunger, because—with all his heart—William longed to change his life.

Thanks to the gift of a meal provided by a caring friend and donor, we were able to welcome William to a seat at our table as though he was family, and we made sure he got the good, nutritious meal he urgently needed. Then, with tears in his eyes, he asked if it was true that DRMM (Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries) could help him change his life once and for all.

DRMM is a place where new beginnings happen every day

William then told us how addiction to drugs had taken everything that had mattered to him and left him a shell of his former self—a man William did not want to be. “I stole from anybody and everybody I could to support my habit,” William says.

With deep shame, he shared how some of his victims included members of his own family. But since he has entered into our treatment program, William has found the courage to reach out to each of them in the hope of gaining their forgiveness. “I apologized for the things I did to them. Stealing and taking their cars, running off with their money, and things like that. Through the grace of God, they’ve accepted me . . .”

This Christmas will be very different for William—and for those who love him

William is a new man today, inside and out. He is clean and sober, his relationships are on the mend, and independence is on the horizon. For the first time in decades, William is excited about Christmas and whatever the new year brings. His commitment to a new beginning in life serves as an inspiration to others who are turning to DRMM for help. He tells everyone, “I am very serious about my recovery. This journey I’m on is for the rest of my life.”

Thank you for your generosity which allows DRMM to help people like William who are hungry, hurting, and desperate to change their lives!

William was desperate to leave his addictions behind and for a good, hot meal. Your generosity made his new beginning possible!

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