Then, unbelievably, things got even worse.

Edward had always able to find work before, even if it didn’t always pay quite enough to cover rent AND food . . .

But then, there were NO jobs—no one was hiring!

It was a tough day when Edward walked through the doors at DRMM and said the words no one wants to say—I’m homeless, jobless, hungry . . . and I need help.

Your support gave Edward a much-needed meal and the assurance that he wouldn’t have to sleep on our city streets. “Being homeless is awful, very stressful,” he says. “I slept in vacant buildings and cars.”

DRMM staff explained that they also offer job and education counseling to help people find work and regain independence. Then we prayed together and watched as the fear and shame Edward felt for so long was replaced with hope that life really could be good again.

Edward says, “DRMM is the best organization. The whole program really works. If not for DRMM, I don’t know where I’d be.”

Your support, especially during this pandemic, is providing life-changing hope and lifesaving help for families and individuals just like Edward. Please make a gift now.


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