When we first met him, Peter was hungry, homeless, and living on the streets. Addiction robbed him of everything that mattered to him, including precious relationships with his children and grandchildren.

Peter lost all hope.

But because friends like you support DRMM, we were able to make a life-changing difference for Peter! First, we made sure he got a good, nutritious meal—and then, we gave him shelter from the streets.

That’s when he began to hope that he could get clean and stay that way forever . . . that he could rebuild and get a fresh start in life.

“I was sick and tired,” Peter says. “I knew DRMM had a treatment program, and I wanted to get into it. They welcomed me with open arms . . .

“If it weren’t for DRMM, I don’t know where I’d be.”

Today, Peter has overcome addiction, rebuilt his life, reclaimed the love of his family, and now has the culinary skills to get a good job.

Peter’s changed life started with the gift of a $1.95 meal from a friend like you . . .

So please give generously now to provide as many meals as you can to so many others like him who are in great need this Thanksgiving season.

Thank you for standing with us again throughout the holidays—and every day—and for sharing your blessings with people who are hungry, hurting, and facing homelessness in our community.

Please make a gift of meals now to help people who are hungry and hurting this Thanksgiving season!


Provide Thanksgiving Meals

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