Jeffrey didn’t want to raise his 2-year-old daughter in a place where gunshots rang out day and night, but he had few choices. When he was a young boy himself, Jeffrey’s father died suddenly. “My mom did the best that she could, but she was overwhelmed. I grew up fast, “ Jeffrey recalls. “I felt a huge hole in my heart and was angry.”

Jeffrey hung out on the streets, watching older guys. He admits to getting into trouble and being surrounded by violence. But when he met Nicole and they had their daughter Trinity, Jeffrey knew he needed a change in his life. He just didn’t know how to go about it. As Trinity grew, he became increasingly worried for her safety.

“I was tired of the violence and the direction I was heading,” Jeffrey says. “I needed a change or I would end up in prison or dead. The sounds of gunshots at night — even during the day — were common. I didn’t know how to keep them safe.” The family needed a miracle. When Trinity was two years old, Jeffrey heard about Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries. They arrived at the Mission ready for a change and a fresh start. And thanks to the generosity of friends like you, they found one.

That is what Easter is all about, the hope of new life in Jesus Christ. When individuals and families walk through the doors of the ministry, they are not just looking for a hot meal or a safe night of shelter . . . many are in desperate need of a fresh start. Because of growing homelessness and high unemployment due to the ongoing impact of the pandemic, families in eastern Michigan need that hope more than ever this spring.

More than 2,200 people depend on the Mission every day. We need your support to offer healthy meals, safe shelter, emergency services, and life-changing programs for families like Jeffrey’s. Many have nowhere else to turn. When you offer them a meal or shelter this spring, you’ll be putting hands and feet to the Easter message of hope and redemption!

In addition to the meals and shelter, friends like you provided Jeffrey with shoes and clothes to wear on job interviews. You offered his family clothes, meals, and safety. “I have hope for the future,” Jeffrey says. “I am going to keep moving forward. I read my Bible and pray.” Thank you for giving families like Jeffrey’s the chance for a NEW LIFE and a FRESH START!

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