My heart breaks for people who will have no family to share the joy of Thanksgiving with . . . people like John.

John has never known a loving gathering of family and friends at the holidays. He has never sat down to a Thanksgiving meal prepared by loved ones, joined hands, and given thanks.

His childhood was filled with terrible abuse at the hands of his family members as he was passed around over and over—unwanted—from his grandmother to uncles to aunts.

Yet John found it in his heart to forgive, and he was the one who took care of his grandmother throughout the illness that would eventually take her life. Once she was gone, John felt more alone and without hope than ever before in his difficult life.

John found the nourishing food, shelter, spiritual guidance, and the tools to begin again—job training, educational assistance, counseling, and more, here at DRMM . . . and it all started with a $1.95 meal provided by a caring friend like you.

Imagine John’s surprise at that first meal, when we all sat down as a family, joined hands, and gave thanks to God!

Since that day, John has worked hard to find work, rebuild his life, and restore his relationships. And now, he gives back each weekend to help others who are held captive by drugs, alcohol, and trauma from the past.

He says, “When guys say, ‘I need to go get a drink,’ I say, ‘Come on, let’s go talk.’ I don’t know how many guys I’ve helped to not touch alcohol.”

John has the great gift of compassion to share with others, in large part because of the compassion he has been shown by caring friends and donors like you . . . beginning with that first meal on Thanksgiving day.

For the sake of so many other lost and broken souls like John—who will turn to us in great need this Thanksgiving season—will you share your blessings and give today?

Every $1.95 you give will provide a delicious Thanksgiving meal with all the trimmings to someone who is hungry . . . and hungry for a fresh start in life.

Thank you for providing good food and new beginnings to people in need!



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