The gift of a meal is a gift of hope this Thanksgiving season . . .
especially to someone like Terrell.

Terrell never saw it coming, but one of life’s perfect storms slammed into him and wiped him out completely.

He’d been between jobs, so Terrell suddenly found himself homeless, with no savings, and nowhere to turn for help!

He said, “Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries (DRMM) gave me meals, a safe place to sleep. They kept me off the streets and I’m just happy to be here, because being homeless fills me with hopelessness and despair.

Then he dropped this bombshell—“If not for DRMM, I believe I would’ve thrown myself off of a bridge.”

I thank God that instead of ending it all, Terrell turned to DRMM and found a new beginning in life. Here at the Mission, he’s strengthened his faith in God, and is receiving the job and educational counseling that will help him find and keep a good job so he can live independently again soon.

“Lots of people are just one paycheck away from homelessness. But DRMM is a family-oriented community, and there are people here who genuinely care,” Terrell says. “I’m thankful for volunteers and people who donate, because there is so much need. You’re like a ray of sunlight.”

On behalf of struggling neighbors like Terrell, please partner with us again today, so we can say “yes” when someone is in urgent need of emergency services and help in their transition to a life of independence and productivity . . .

By making a special Thanksgiving gift now, you’ll help feed the huge number of hungry families and individuals who will turn to us in the weeks ahead. This is so important because between now and Thanksgiving we expect to serve nearly 300,000 meals!

Please make a gift now to provide as many $1.95 meals as you possibly can.

Thank you for sharing your blessings with those among us who are hungry, hurting, and in need of the love and mercy of Christ, because no one should be hungry and alone at Thanksgiving.


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