John was thin and hollow-eyed when he came through our doors. He was seeking shelter and needed help, because he wasn’t sure life was worth living anymore.

Over a hot meal we learned that he was desperately sick with a heart condition which made it impossible for him to work. He had another serious heart condition, too—a broken heart.

“My wife left me . . . and she left me homeless and broke,” he finally shared.

We prayed with John, and then—because friends like you make it possible with your support—we gave him shelter, set him up with counseling to work through his losses, and made sure he got medical attention.

This Christmas will be the first joyful one John can remember in a long time. He is healing, inside and out, and looks forward to the day he can work again and get on with his life. “DRMM has helped me a great deal. I can talk to my counselor when I need to. She’s helping me get a new start,” he says.

The support of caring friends and donors have made a profound impact in John’s life, and he knows now that life is indeed worth living. “Thank you,” he says. “I don’t know where I’d be if not for you.”

Thank you for your ongoing partnership to help us feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, and offer the tools for a fresh start in life. Lives are being saved and changed each day!

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