This will be a summer unlike any other.

So many families and individuals in our community are still in shock from the ravages of the coronavirus. They’ve lost jobs, homes . . . and loved ones. And the experts warn that it’s not over yet.

The only sure thing is that the hungry will grow even hungrier. And all those who are out there looking for work? Well, not all of them will find it. The number of homeless in our city could double, or even triple.

This is why Jesus told us to love one another, and to love one another just as much as we love ourselves!

If there was ever a time when we needed to love our neighbor, this is it. And I’m thinking that—at a time like this—Jesus probably means more than money in the offering tray. More than a bag of canned goods dropped off at the pantry. More than donating all the ski clothes the kids have outgrown.

This is a time for us all to pull together and truly love one another—caring for the most vulnerable, giving generously to ease suffering, and going the extra mile to reach children who were at-risk even BEFORE their parents lost their jobs.

Together, we can do this. We can keep our children, our elderly, and frightened families and individuals safe over summer. But it’s going to take all of us . . .

Please make a gift now. And spread the word to everyone you know to do the same because your neighbors are shattered and need to know you care.

Thank you for standing with all of us at DRMM now and all summer long.

Chad Audi



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