For the last 10 years, Trevor has been in our kitchen, following his passion. But before he was a chef for the Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries Men’s Shelter, he was a guest.

Trevor came to our door when he had nowhere else to go. Having just gotten out of prison, he was dedicated to turning his life around. Thanks to the support of faithful friends like you, Trevor was given a chance to find renewal at DRMM.

“I just let God guide my life right now,” he says.

Once Trevor began following the Lord’s guidance, everything changed.

While he was participating in the Getting It Right Returning Citizen’s Mentorship Program, Trevor signed up for our culinary arts training. He knew job readiness was the first step to rebuilding his life. More importantly, he loves to cook.

“It makes me feel good when I prepare a meal, and then the people come back and say, ‘That was a good meal, Chef,’” Trevor reflects. “It lets you know that you did a good job.”

When you give to the Mission, your support helps run career training programs that prepare our guests for an independent future. When more neighbors like Trevor have the opportunity to find stable employment, they can become active members of our community.

For 20 years of his life, Trevor was homeless. Then he spent some time in prison. Now, he has a new life working a job he loves.

Trevor’s story is what Easter is all about — new beginnings in Christ Jesus. Thank you for all the ways you have supported Trevor and hurting neighbors like him on their pathway to renewed life.

This Easter, consider giving someone like Trevor the gift of renewal and purpose. Every success story starts with a hot meal that only costs $2.37!

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