1. My home was burned 3 years ago been lost everything stay with daughter handicapped can’t stand or walk far I do childcare for my daughter six days a week no car locked in basically slept on floor for past 2 years now on couch no space can’t afford to move I am 53 years old lost my significant other 3 years ago from cancer since then I feel list love the kids but wish I could at least drive them to the park or take them places it’s hard when you can barely walk

  2. Hi, my name is Ramonda Croxton my son’s name is Juwan Croxton and we just became homeless today. I lost my job, my house, n now I’m about to loose my car. My son attends Martin Luther King Academy and he is a 4.0 student he has attended his school since pre school with no less than a 3.7 in his entire schooling. He wants to attend Renaissance HS next year he is a 8th grader this year. With school a week away I’m scared his dreams of graduating HS and attending University of Michigan to be a engineer are going to be shattered. He is use to stability and having a comfortable, clean, welcoming home to in less than a month loosing it all. I’m trying to seek employment n I’m receiving unemployment for 20 weeks but it’s not enough to survive and pay my bills my rent was 1,300 monthly, I have a car note insurance etc. n his dad is Mentally ill and not able to help support us at all… please help if you can. I’m praying for a miracle and gods grace to cover us because we are so displaced and lost right now.. please help me I’m not use to needing help, I’m always the one helping those in need!!

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