For decades, support from a caring community has made it possible for DRMM to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, assist the unemployed as they rebuild, and help the addicted break free from drugs and alcohol.

As our nation continues to reel from the COVID-19 health crisis, meals, groceries, and emergency services are paramount—especially for children and families who were already struggling before schools closed and businesses shut their doors. Now, many families are grappling with unemployment and teetering on the brink of homelessness.

Hunger has become more prevalent in this season for many more people in our community.

Donor support is the only thing making it possible for families and individuals to get the help they urgently need, which is why I hope you’ll give the gift of meals now!

But down the road, when this terrible health crisis has passed, DRMM will be just as important to the children in our community but for a different reason . . .

For decades, support from caring friends and donors has made it possible for DRMM to offer a vibrant youth ministry outreach to the most at-risk children, including summer camp and various after-school programs.

These programs are enjoyable for the boys and girls—and life-changing, too. But don’t take my word for it.

Meet Alex, a young man who grew up right here in Detroit . . . in the midst of a difficult environment and with no father figure to set him on the right path in life. His mother saw real value in DRMM’s youth ministry and encouraged Alex to be part of all we offered.

Between after-school programs and summer camp, Alex made friends and came to admire role models who still influence him today—that’s saying a lot since he is currently a successful businessman with a family of his own.

“Everything had a purpose. Everything we did, every situation was always tied back to God,” Alex says. “The counselors and staff really got to know me and became family to me. I developed a work ethic, confidence, and my belief in God. There were challenging team building activities that make you a more mature and reliable person.”

Alex was hooked after his first week at DRMM’s summer camp and seized every opportunity the staff gave him to grow and develop his leadership skills. As a teen, he stepped into the role of camp counselor and spent several summers sharing all he’d learned with hundreds of young campers.

“Going to camp saved my life,” he says. “I can’t say enough about all it’s done for me. I learned how to pray, read my Bible, and made friendships that I still have to this day. I didn’t have a father figure growing up, but I learned about responsibility and being a man at Wildwood.

“People who give . . . are investing in the lives of children and young people,” Alex says. “Everything I’ve been able to do in life is a direct correlation to what I learned at camp. DRMM’s Wildwood Ranch is a mission field, and we should all invest in these young lives.”

Please make a gift now to provide meals, groceries, and other emergency help to children, families, and others in our community who are struggling in the aftermath of the coronavirus this summer.



And make a promise in your heart to a kid like Alex—for whom 2020 may be the toughest, hungriest, loneliest summer ever—that you’ll invest in their lives through your support of DRMM’s camp and youth ministry programs. Together, we are giving Detroit’s at-risk boys and girls the incredible gift of confidence, opportunity, and so much more.

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