In a critical time of need, people like Charles come to DRMM to find more than just a meal. They come to find guidance, hope, and a way to avoid, or escape the pain of having no place to call home.

It’s your gifts that are helping Charles overcome homelessness . . .

“I’ve been homeless. I’ve stayed with people. I’ve slept in my van. It’s embarrassing,” Charles says. The relief on his face was as big as his smile when we welcomed him to a meal and safe shelter here at DRMM. But that was just the beginning . . .

Charles was shocked to learn he could also receive job training and placement, and other tangible help to find work and get back on his feet. Charles says. “They help with food, clothes, a hot shower. They’ve definitely helped me.”

With winter bearing down on Detroit, Charles is especially grateful that he is not sleeping outdoors. “This place is a lifesaver. If not for the Mission, I would be on the streets, cold. I don’t think I would make it.”

But Charles’ favorite part about DRMM is the God-centered care he’s receiving that is deepening his faith.

“The spiritual side is very important to me,” he says. “They have church services here and I try to attend daily. It’s helping me get closer to God and to learn more about Jesus Christ. It gives me strength and hope. “I wake up thanking God for letting me see another day.”

This Christmas, Charles will be giving thanks to donors, too, for giving him a safe place to eat, sleep, and worship while he finds work and builds a stable life for himself. “I just want to say thank you to all the donors. All the guys here would say thank you to them, too.”

Please make a gift now to help people in their darkest hour with safe shelter, food, job and educational counseling, and so much more. And please keep Charles in your prayers this Christmas as he works to rebuild his life.



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