At 83 years of age, Lois would tell you that she envisioned her “golden” years as somewhat different than they are now. For starters, she would never have guessed she would rely on a food bank for many of the meals she needs to survive.

She’s not alone. On any given day, hundreds of men, women, and entire families will turn to DRMM’s Lighthouse Food Bank for help putting food on the table.

Many of them are working poor, which means they bring home just enough income to keep a roof over their head, but little is leftover to spend on groceries. But thanks to gifts from friends like you, our Lighthouse Food Bank can be counted on to provide each struggling family, and individuals like Lois, with a box of much needed food—as long as supplies don’t run out!

“There are a lot of people who need help, a lot of people going hungry,” Lois says. “Sometimes I feel ashamed and poor, but the people here treat me nice. They give me canned goods, juice, cereal, bread, vegetables, and sometimes cheese and apples . . . whatever they have to give.”

Just $4.16 provides a box of groceries for someone, like Lois, who is hungry and struggling to make ends meet. Please give generously now to ensure everyone who is hungry and hurting gets the help they need this Christmas and in the bitter winter days ahead!

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  1. What help do you need on Christmas Day in terms of serving meals? Our family would like to do that. Stephanie and Stuart Riley

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