After the devasting loss of one of her children, her unexpected job loss as a caregiver, and the sudden need to take guardianship of her grandson, Marilyn was in urgent need of help—and hope.

“I lost my home and everything in it. My house had gone into foreclosure, but I stayed there until they threw me out. Then I stayed in my vehicle on the side of the house I had once owned,” Marilyn says, blinking back the tears.

But finding safe shelter and rebuilding her life for her grandson was a priority. So Marilyn mustered up the courage to finally walk through the doors at DRMM and ask for help.

She broke down crying from fear and shame, but soon found comfort from our caring staff. They made sure she received a good meal, then they listened and prayed with her as she shared the heartbreaking events that had caused her to be homeless.

“I’m grateful for the Mission because they give my grandson and me food to eat and a place to lay our heads,” Marilyn says. “If it wasn’t for DRMM, I don’t know where we’d be.”

When it came time for her grandson to start school, even more unexpected help came their way—a backpack, school uniform, supplies, and more! “I’m very grateful and thankful. It means a lot to me because I’m not employed right now. I can’t afford to buy anything, so every little bit helps.”

And with Christmas fast approaching, Marilyn is comforted to know that the Mission celebrates the birth of Christ with great joy. And she was thrilled to learn there will even be a gift or two for her grandson, made possible through support from our caring community.

Marilyn is getting the help she needs to heal from her devastating losses and to find work so she and her grandson can live independently once more. She has a message for the Mission’s donors, “DRMM is a great place. The people really care. They treat you with compassion and they’re here to help you.”

This Christmas, Marilyn is thanking God for you. But please make a gift to DRMM now because so many other families and individuals are in need of meals, shelter, and our many life-changing programs that can help people get back on their feet!


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