An entrepreneur by nature, Christina had launched multiple small businesses that included creating custom gift baskets and catering. The work was fulfilling and sustained her needs . . . until the terrible day came when she had to run to escape terrible abuse at the hands of her own family.

Just like that, Christina went from an aspiring businesswoman to a woman with no place to call home. Thankfully, your support made it possible for DRMM to offer her safe shelter and the other emergency services she needed.

“If not for DRMM, I’d be on the streets,” Christina says. “I want to be independent and, here, I’ve found stability and the right kind of help. The Mission has resources and a network to help with job readiness and placement.

“I’m so thankful for DRMM and I appreciate all the opportunities they offer to expand and grow. They give guidance and direction to help me get where I want to go. It’s been helpful.”

Thank you for making a gift now to help DRMM reach people with safe shelter, food, and the tools to begin again. Christina will be giving thanks for you this Christmas!


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