Daniel* was struggling, but he just needed a few things to fall into place so he could get back on his feet. He was thrilled when a friend said he could stay at his place. That was one less expense to worry about!

But then came the fire that burned the friend’s house to the ground and took with it almost everything Daniel owned.

Suddenly homeless and with nowhere else to turn, Daniel turned to DRMM hoping to find shelter, a meal, and some warm clothes. “It was getting cold, and I didn’t want to be outside,” he says.

He was relieved when our staff welcomed him and assured him that he didn’t have to sleep on our city streets another day. His relief soon turned to amazement at the kindness he received from everyone he encountered.

“I’m very grateful for what DRMM is doing for me,” Daniel says. “There’s so many good resources, lots of opportunities, and people take time to help. The staff is excellent, and they feed us well. They’ll help you with anything you need.”

Daniel is grateful for DRMM, but he’s still counting the days until he can work and live independently. “I’m waiting on a job. Hopefully, they’ll call me soon so I can take the next steps in my journey.

“To those who support this place, I thank you because DRMM helps a lot of individuals. This is a Christian organization, and they feed thousands of people every day. I’m grateful.”

Please make a gift of meals and hope right now to help families and individuals like Daniel who urgently need food, help, and hope to overcome homelessness and rebuild their lives. Thanks again for providing life-changing meals and HOPE this Easter season!



*Name changed for privacy

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