Since COVID-19 first stormed into Detroit, shuttering schools and businesses, hunger and homelessness have become all too common for families and individuals like Misty.

“I got behind in my payments and lost my house,” She says. “I was homeless. It’s not a good feeling.

“Being homeless is very scary. I didn’t like being on the street. It’s dangerous out there, especially as a single woman. I encountered some bad situations, but God is good and kept me safe.”

Support from caring friends like you gave Misty safe refuge here at DRMM. Having a warm bed, hot meals, prayer, and fellowship with staff was a huge blessing!

“At first, it was challenging, but people are very nice here,” she says.

Safe from our city streets, Misty got the help she needed to begin rebuilding her life. Job and educational counseling, treatment programs, and other services are always available to help people who are in need because of your generosity.

Misty will soon be living independently, but she will never forget her time at DRMM or the donors who made it possible. “The future looks great. I’ll be getting a place to live soon. God takes good care of me.”

Misty asked me to share her sincere thanks with everyone who supports DRMM: “I’m grateful for you and your support. I want to thank you very much because without you, I wouldn’t have had a place to go.”

Please make a gift now to provide meals, help, and hope with more neighbors in need like Misty this Easter season! Your compassion and generosity will be a great blessing during these difficult days!



“I’m grateful to DRMM’s donors for their support. I want to thank them very much because without them, I wouldn’t have had a place to go.”

—Misty, your thankful neighbor

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