Do you know the kind of power a $1.95 meal can have for someone who is suffering, beaten down, and without hope? Eric does . . .

He had been living in his car for some time. Each night, he drank himself to sleep, hoping to drown out the fear, pain, and emptiness that had taken over his life after the loss of those dearest to him.

Hungry and hurting but ready to get his life back on track, Eric finally turned to Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries (DRMM).

Eric had tears in his eyes as we prayed together over a plate of food. He was very moved to learn his meal had been provided by the Mission’s caring friends and donors.

Later he shared THAT was the moment he committed to a new beginning in life.

“I knew this was the best place to get myself back together,” Eric says. “Everyone’s been very helpful. They’ve helped me face my fears.”

Today, Eric is sober, working, and very busy rebuilding his life—and his relationship with God. “My mother had faith, and she planted a seed of faith in me,” he says. “She also had faith in me and expected me to hang in there and never give up, no matter what.”

Deeply thankful for the meals, help, and hope he has received, Eric asked me to share his gratitude with you. He says, “Your support is helping people like me—thank you. Please don’t stop giving because we need you.”

 Eric is correct, the Mission does need you now—more than ever!

We’re facing an incredible challenge right now that threatens our ability to provide meals to everyone who is turning to us for help. You see, the incredible needs of so many neighbors this summer have stretched our resources to the limit!

It will take support from every caring friend to stock the pantry shelves, so we can continue to provide lifesaving, life-changing meals to those among us who are hungry and in great need.

Will you make a gift now to help stock the pantry shelves?


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