A hot meal is often the changemaker for people who desperately need help. It was the same for Beth.*

God had led her to our Mission doors, but fear and hopelessness kept her from coming inside. It was clear she was hungry, but nothing we said could get her to come in out of the nasty weather.

Then Beth turned and started to walk away. We quickly offered to bring a meal out to her and she reluctantly agreed.

Later she tried to explain how it felt to be homeless, alone, and terrified. “I was so hungry, I thought, ‘I’ll be okay if I can just taste a piece of salt,’” Beth recalls. “They asked me if I’d eaten, and I said no. They brought me a tray so I could at least eat.”

Every new beginning in life starts with the gift of a meal
That meal—provided by a caring donor—gave our staff the chance to sit and really talk with her, to pray for her, and to help her understand that DRMM is a place where help, hope, and new beginnings happen.

Beth shared that the Lord had delivered her from people and circumstances that had kept her shackled to a drug-centered lifestyle since she was just nine years old!

But once she’d made her escape, she realized she had no money, no place to go, and would need more than determination to overcome years of addiction. Fortunately, a kind bus driver gave her a free ride to DRMM where a new life was waiting for her.

“If it wasn’t for DRMM, I would be dead or beat up again . . . I’ve been safe and happy here,” Beth says. Thanks to support from friends like you, Beth completed the programs that have given her freedom from addiction and allowed her to begin a sober, productive, and independent life.

But today, tomorrow, and the next day, more hungry and frightened neighbors will turn to us for food and shelter from our cold city streets.

Please partner with DRMM now to make a lifesaving, life-changing difference in the lives of people who are without hope.

*Name/photo changed for privacy

Help more people like Beth get a hot meal and a fresh start in life!

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