Michael* has traveled plenty of hard roads in his life. But he knows now that even the most difficult times had their purpose. Without them, Michael might never have turned his life over to God.

“My situation was getting worse and worse,” Michael says. At his lowest point, he fell to his knees and prayed, “I want you, God, to come into my life right now. I want you to change my life. If you do this, I promise I will never go back to the life I lived before.” Within days, Michael felt and saw God working in his life in amazing ways!

An Answer to Prayer at DRMM
Michael followed God’s leading to DRMM. He was thrilled to receive the help he needed to complete his education, find work, and learn to live independently as a productive member of the community.

From day one, Michael was volunteering to do everything he could to make DRMM a better place and to be sure he was pulling his weight. He simply couldn’t wait to get into college, to please an employer, to save every penny, and find an apartment.

Today His Life is Changed Because of You
Michael’s future is as bright as his smile, thanks to support form caring donors who gave him a place of refuge and the encouragement to answer God’s call in his life. He will never forget your many kindnesses. “I came here with 63 cents. Look at me now!” Michael says. “There are a lot of things that I need to fix in my life, but I thank God for everything He has done in my life.”

With a brand-new year ahead, and so many opportunities open to him now, Michael is filled with gratitude . . . he’s grateful to God for each day and for friends like you who gave him tools for a second chance in life.

“DRMM rescues a lot of people who are in need and have nowhere to go. They come to this place, and they get a bed, they get three meals a day. They get shelter. This is like the best homecoming from heaven.”

Help more people like Michael find shelter and a fresh start!

*Name/photo changed for privacy

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