From his earliest memory, Anthony’s home life was tough. Still, the young man wasn’t prepared for the day his mother simply dropped him at the roadside and drove away.

For a time, Anthony slept in a tent and learned what it feels like to be hungry, homeless, and alone. He told a story of the day he used his last dollars to buy some ramen noodles. While waiting at a gas station for the microwave to heat them up, he turned to his Bible for comfort. A stranger saw him and insisted on helping him with some money to buy food. “I took that as God saying, ‘I’ll take care of you.’”

God led Anthony to DRMM

Soon after, Anthony says God led him to DRMM where he found food, shelter, and a team of caring people who prayed with and for him. He was especially moved to share a seat at our Thanksgiving table last year and was overwhelmed by the generosity of the volunteers and caring friends who provide meals to people who are hungry and in need. “So many people were here handing out food and clothes. They brought 20 turkeys!”

Today Anthony is working hard and will soon have a place of his own. This life transformation is only possible thanks to the compassion and generosity of people like you. And as you can see, you’re providing lost souls like Anthony with so much more than just a meal . . .

“This is a really great place, Christian-oriented. It has really helped me out,” Anthony says. “There’s a lot of compassion here and I like that.”

On behalf of people like Anthony who come through our doors hungry, homeless, and hurting, thank you for your ongoing support that provides the tools for a fresh start in life.

Help more individuals like Anthony today!

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