Adam arrived in Detroit with his marriage and life in disarray. In just a few short months he had lost his family, and his home, leaving him at rock-bottom and in need of help. When his pastor made a call, your gifts allowed Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries (DRMM) to offer Adam the help and hope he urgently needed.

“DRMM helped me out in a time of need,” Adam says.

“Being here at DRMM has been a success. Within four months, I’ve transitioned into stability. I’m working and am establishing my own business. I’m in the process of getting my own apartment now. So it was a good stepping stone to get me to the next level.”

In a critical time of need, people like Adam come to DRMM to find more than just a meal. They come to find guidance, hope, and a way to avoid or escape the pain of homelessness. It’s your gifts that made Adam’s transformation possible . . .

Adam now looks forward to sharing the blessings he’s received with others. “Giving to DRMM is a good cause. It’s good to help those who are in need and it’s always good to give back.”

The kind support of caring friends ensures that DRMM can help people like Adam in their darkest hour with safe shelter, food, and the tools to begin again. Please keep Adam in your prayers this Christmas as he seeks to honor God and to seize the opportunity to rebuild what is broken in his life.

Help more people like Adam today!

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