I can only imagine the hardships Robert faced when he found himself homeless on the bitter cold streets of Detroit.

Yet when he finally arrived here at Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries (DRMM), he just stood outside our doors shivering! He was hungry and cold, and had nowhere else to go.

Over a good hot $1.95 meal provided by a caring friend and donor, Robert opened up about the painful loss of his father.

He shared, “I worked all my life. I worked for my family’s various businesses. But when my father died, the businesses took a nosedive. He left it all to my brother, who decided to sell or scrap everything. Then, we didn’t have anything left.”

That’s when Robert became homeless. He said, “I slept in my neighborhood. I slept in parks, in my van.”

That would be dangerous even in summer, but the streets of Detroit can be deadly in the winter!

I thank God that He led Robert to DRMM before yet another soul in our community lost his life to a freezing winter night. But there are so many others like Robert who are facing these bitter cold days and deadly nights on our city streets!

Will you be a lifeline to your neighbors in need?

Please partner with DRMM now by sharing a gift to provide emergency food and shelter to people who are hungry, hurting, and struggling to survive another dangerously cold night!

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