“I was working in a warehouse and got badly injured when they dropped seven pallets on my body,” Sarita says. The accident injured her back and made it impossible for her to work.

With the pandemic raging across the nation, Sarita’s family was unable to come from overseas to help. Isolated and in pain, a new worry appeared—her worker’s comp didn’t come. Facing homelessness, she made arrangements for a new home for her two dogs and parakeet, her closest companions.

Devastated by her helpless situation and the loss of her best animal friends, Sarita came close to taking her own life. That’s when a caring soul intervened and helped her find the shelter and other life-changing help she needed at DRMM’s Genesis House. “It’s like a sanctuary here,” she says.

Sarita is healing and looking forward to a fresh start in life, but she will always remember the caring staff at DRMM and the donors who made her recovery possible. “I would like to tell people who support the Mission that I will never forget you. You have been so gracious. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Thank you for making a gift today to help DRMM reach our neighbors with meals and more during their darkest days. With your ongoing partnership, men and women like Sarita will find help and healing as they rebuild their lives!


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