Chip has spent decades honing his craft and takes great pride in the quality of work he provides to his clients. From carpentry, to tile, to plaster and drywall, his expertise has brought him repeat customers and helped him live a life of independence.

But an unfortunate mistake cost him more than he’d ever expect—months behind bars. Once released, he was devastated to find that he’d not only lost time . . . he lost everything . . .

No home. No livelihood. No hope.

Over a good hot meal, we prayed with Chip and offered him safe shelter while he got back on his feet. Incredibly grateful to the caring donors like you who gave him food and a much-needed break, he got right to work rebuilding all he’d lost.

“DRMM is an excellent launch pad, because there are all types of counseling and programs that can help you be successful,” Chip says. “You can see so many people who come in here who want to make changes and be proactive.”

A grateful heart, a life transformed

This Christmas will be a truly joyful one for Chip. He’s working and saving money so he can live independently once again. Chip will never forget the kindness of those who support DRMM through their generous gifts . . . kindness that has helped him during the most difficult time in his life.

But so many other people in our community are hungry, homeless, and urgently need the tools to rebuild their lives. Please make a special Christmas gift now to provide meals, help, and hope to men and women in great need!



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