Since the pandemic devastated Detroit, more people than ever before are turning to DRMM desperate for a meal, safe shelter, or merely seeking God’s love and mercy—like James*, who lost his job then watched helplessly as his savings dwindled to nothing.

“When I couldn’t pay my rent, I didn’t know where to go, so I came to DRMM,” James says, remembering those dark days. “It was a horrible feeling, not having anywhere to go, not knowing when I was going to eat.”

He’d heard about DRMM but never imagined he would need help with getting food or shelter. He says, “When I walked through the Mission’s door, I felt relief . . . I felt relieved when I ate my first meal here because I didn’t have any food or money, nothing. I’m thankful for the Mission because, without it, I’d be sleeping under a bridge somewhere.”

James is so grateful for the food, shelter, and many kindnesses he has received. His stay at DRMM has also strengthened his faith and equipped him with the tools and encouragement he needed to find work and rebuild his life.

“I came during the coronavirus, and they quarantined us to keep us safe. The staff did an excellent job,” James says. “Whatever situation you’re in, they try to help you out. They’ve helped me a lot.”

This Christmas season, James is giving thanks for DRMM and those, like you, who support our life-changing outreach. He says, “I want to thank the donors very much for giving their time, donations, and thoughts to us—and please don’t stop because we are in need.”

Please share a gift today to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, and provide the tools for a fresh start in life for others who are suffering. Your prayers and partnership will be a great blessing to our neighbors in need during these difficult days!



Your support gave James help and hope in the difficult days since the pandemic hit Detroit. “I might be homeless, but I’m not out on the streets,” James says, gratefully.

*Name changed for privacy

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