Edward* enjoyed his work with Detroit Public Schools, but when COVID-19 came to Detroit, schools were quickly closed, and Edward lost his job.

He remembers clearly the panic he felt and the questions that raced through his mind, “How am I going to do this? How am I going to pay rent and take care of my daughter?”

He used the last of his savings to set his daughter up in a small home of her own, but it was far too cramped for the two of them. So, he turned to DRMM for help in finding a new job and a safe place to stay until he was back on his feet.

Edward is deeply thankful for the help he’s received. He says, “There’s plenty to eat. I’ve got someplace to sleep. I go to the chapel, and it helps me. And they helped me out with a job.

“If you need help, DRMM goes out of their way to help you.”

He has heartfelt words of thanks to share with everyone who gives to help their neighbors in need. He says, “I want to tell DRMM’s donors . . . thank you very much for supporting me—otherwise, I’d be staying outside.”

Please make a gift now to help people who are struggling with hunger, homelessness, joblessness, and more. Your compassion and generosity will help our neighbors in need get food, safe shelter, and the encouragement they need to begin again.



Between jobs and facing homelessness, Edward found help and hope at DRMM. He is truly thankful for the safe shelter, food, and encouragement he has received—because of you!

*Name changed for privacy

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