Lathaire knows NOW that God has plans for him—plans to give him hope and a future. But that wasn’t always the case. You see, not long ago Lathaire was shot in the neck and robbed of everything he owned!

He survived, but his neck was broken and arteries were severed. I can’t even imagine the pain and suffering this young man endured.

But I do know that Lathaire was at the lowest point in his life when he made his way to Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries (DRMM). He was homeless, jobless, hungry, and confined to a wheelchair.

Hope lives here at DRMM

When Lathaire came through our doors he knew he was lucky to be alive, and he knew he wanted nothing to do with his former life that had estranged him from loved ones, brought him into the company of criminals, and then to death’s door.

“I knew I had to get help,” Lathaire says. “DRMM does that. They give you a place to live so you’re off the streets. They feed you, clothe you, and they help guys who are not yet men become men.”

A second chance at life

Thanks to caring friends who support DRMM, we were able to give Lathaire nourishing food, shelter, spiritual guidance, and the many tools he would need to rebuild his broken life—job training, educational assistance, counseling, and more.

“I almost gave up, but God kept me alive for a reason. God’s got a purpose for me.”

This Thanksgiving Day will be unlike any other in Lathaire’s life. His heart is filled with hope and joy, and he has a whole new direction in life.

“I’m on the right path now,” Lathaire says. “I spent a lot of my life taking from this city; now I want to give back. One of the ways I want to give back is by helping young people get on the right path.”

We’re dishing up help and hope this Thanksgiving

In the days leading up to Thanksgiving, a huge number of people will come through our doors. Some, like Lathaire, are looking for a reason to not give up. Others can’t bear the thought of spending another Thanksgiving alone.

All will be hungry, desperate for a good, hot meal.

You can make a difference in the lives of people who are hungry, lost, broken, and looking for a fresh start in life this Thanksgiving . . .

Make a gift of meals now and ask your friends and family to join you. Every $1.95 we receive will provide a delicious Thanksgiving meal with all the trimmings to someone who is hungry . . . and hungry for a fresh start in life.

Your generosity and compassion will provide food and new beginnings to people in need.

Provide Thanksgiving Meals

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