But just how easy can it all slip away? Ask Daniel.*

He never dreamed there would come a day when he would feel the pain of hunger. He’d worked since he was 17 years old, and had even donated to organizations that help others who are in need.

But then came the terrible day when Daniel came through the doors here at Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries (DRMM). He was hungry, had no job, no home, and nowhere else to turn for help.

“I can’t believe it,” Daniel said. “This is what my life has come down to.”

Caring friends of DRMM provided the $1.95 meal Daniel needed so desperately. Then our staff prayed with him. After a while he opened up about the job he’d loved—and lost. He described his desperate hunt for a new job, any job. And his horror at how quickly his savings dwindled, then disappeared entirely.

Daniel said he’d lost all hope that life could ever be good again. But as we talked over that good hot meal, we shared about Christ’s promise of new life, His infinite mercy and love, and how DRMM is just the place for a new beginning in life—especially at Easter!

Support from caring friends and donors helped give Daniel food, a safe place to sleep, and the life-changing job and educational counseling that would help him earn the certifications he needed to return to his career in healthcare.

Today, Daniel is overjoyed to be working again in his field. He has an apartment of his own, and even found the courage to rekindle relationships with family members. “I’d always been the person in the family everyone leaned on for support. To be out of work over a year was hard,” he says.

“When I lost my job, lost everything, I just kind of dropped off. They didn’t even know where I was.”

This Easter, Daniel will not be hungry, homeless, or jobless. But so many other individuals and families are in need of help and hope now . . .

Between now and Easter Sunday, more than 105,000 people will come to DRMM, hoping for a hot meal and the chance to be restored, forgiven, and begin again.

Please give generously now to reach people like Daniel who are hungry, frightened, and battling homelessness, joblessness, or addiction. Your gift of meals could make all the difference to our neighbors who are in great need!


*Name changed

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