James has lived and worked in Detroit all his life. He has a wide range of skills that helped him excel at work, and he even started a company of his own at one point.

But after some toxic relationships and a few difficult years, James ended up on the wrong path. Before long, he’d lost everything—his livelihood, savings, and home.

He turned to his friends and slept on couches or in a spare room. But those relationships soured quickly and then James was forced to live on our city streets where hopelessness consumed him.

“It was like I dropped in a hole and kept going, deeper and deeper. I slept in abandoned buildings, cars, and houses,” James says. “That was rock bottom.”

Your support helped give James food and shelter at DRMM, plus the thing he wanted most in life—the chance to renew his faith.

James says that when his relationship with God was restored, everything else fell quickly into place.

Today, he’s on the right path—clean and sober. He’s looking for work and an apartment of his own. He’s also going back to school to complete his education. “I’ve been on the Dean’s list every semester,” he says with a smile.

“It’s all about my faith,” he says. “I’m making good decisions today, because I know that if I do the right thing good things will come.”

In the weeks leading up to Easter, many other women and men like James will turn to DRMM hoping for a meal and the chance for a new life.

DRMM is committed to never turning away anyone who is in need, but we need your help now to share meals and hope with your neighbors who are hungry, hurting, and without hope.

So please keep James in your prayers as he sets out to claim the new life Jesus wishes for him to have . . . and help another lost and broken soul by giving the gift of meals. Every $1.95 you give provides meals and the tools and encouragement for a new beginning in life!

Please let me hear from you right away! And thank you for sharing your blessings with neighbors who are desperate for help and hope this Easter season.

Give Meals Now!

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