Christopher’s new beginning started with the simple kindness of a good meal.

Christopher is a young man who first came through the Mission doors hungry and hoping for a meal . . . but he needed so much more.

Over a $1.95 meal provided by a friend like you, Christopher shared how his parents lost custody of him and his siblings when he was just 14 years old. He grew up in a “boys’ home” that met his physical needs, but not much else . . .

By the time we met him, Christopher had called our city streets home for years. He slept in cars and abandoned houses in all kinds of weather. As you can imagine, it’s hard to keep a job when you have no home . . . and it’s almost impossible to rent a place to call home when you don’t have a job!

He was just trapped. No job. No home. No hope.

I wish I could tell you that his circumstances are rare, but it’s just not true. In fact, the need in our city right now—the hunger and suffering—is vast and growing. That’s why I am so thankful for caring friends who support DRMM and provide meals to people who are hungry and hurting.

Christopher’s new beginning started with one of those meals . . .

You see, that’s when we sat and prayed with, and for, Christopher. That’s when we told him all about Christ’s promise of new life, which He bought for us on the cross. That’s when we explained that God’s mercy and love is always there for him and that DRMM exists to help people find their fresh starts in life.

This message was a game-changer for Christopher, and it will have just as great an impact on other lost and broken souls who will come through the Mission doors for a meal this Easter!

Did you know that throughout the Easter season, as many as 85,000 hot meals will be shared with men, women, and children who are in desperate need of being restored, forgiven, and beginning again?

This is why I ask you to give generously today, from your heart, to provide as many life-changing $1.95 meals as you can. Yes, a meal can truly be life-changing . . .

Here’s how. Christopher had lived his entire life believing NO ONE cared if he lived or died. So, you can imagine how moved he was to discover that the meal he received was provided by a neighbor like you who really DOES care.

On behalf of others in your community who are hungry, hurting, and homeless, please make a generous gift now to provide as many meals as possible this Easter season!

Give meals now!

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