When some people think of summer, they’re thinking of vacation plans, trips to the beach, and family get-togethers. For many others though, summer is a very scary time.

Here are a few reasons why summer is a rough season for many people in your community:

Summer = Hunger—When school is out, the meals many boys and girls depend on are unavailable. So for a family who is already having trouble making ends meet, providing extra meals for their growing children—all summer long—seems impossible.

Desperate parents will water down the milk (and everything else) to make it last longer. They’ll tell their hungry little ones, “Drink a big glass of water and your stomach will stop hurting.”

I thank God that DRMM’s caring friends and donors give generously so we have the resources to welcome hungry families who turn to the Mission for a meal or a bag of groceries from our food pantry!

Summer = Deadly Heat—Soaring temperatures greatly impact senior citizens and the homeless. Many struggle to make ends meet, but are ashamed to ask for help. But the fact is that heat can be deadly for the most vulnerable people among us.

The same is true for the homeless . . . I pray they will come in from the sizzling streets and find cool refuge and a much-needed meal. Because when they do, we can offer life-changing help along with prayer, fellowship, and a plate of nutritious food!

Summer = Fewer Friends to Help—Just when the needs of our neighbors are rising along with the heat, donations to the Mission drop because so many of DRMM’s supporters are away on vacation. No one will ever be turned away, but it’s a huge challenge to meet the incredible need without emptying our pantry, too!

That’s why, as President of DRMM I am sounding the alarm to alert every caring friend to get involved NOW so DRMM can prepare for the long hot days of summer that will threaten so many vulnerable men, women, and children in our community.

I sincerely hope that a fun and restful getaway is on your calendar this summer. But before you go, please give generously so DRMM can ensure that everyone who is hungry and hurting gets the food, shelter, and other emergency help they need to stay Safe Over Summer!

Thank you for giving as generously as you are able, right now. And please spread the word to your friends and family, your church and coworkers, because it’s going to take all of us to keep our neighbors in need Safe Over Summer.


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