What is the BEST way to make a life-saving, life-changing difference for someone in urgent need of food, safe shelter, and hope this Easter?

Give the gift of a good, hot $1.95 meal at DRMM. But don’t take my word for it. Ask Ennis . . .

Ennis spent the last few years caring for his 90-year-old father. Desperately sick, especially toward the end, he thought of little else but making his father as comfortable as possible.

Yet, right after his father’s death, the manager of the senior living facility told Ennis he had to leave. Immediately.

Ennis was instantly homeless—during a pandemic lockdown!

“I had to sleep on a park bench downtown,” he says, shaking his head at the awful memory. “The police came and said I had to leave, but I didn’t have anywhere to go. So, they brought me to DRMM.”

Although the policemen encouraged Ennis to go inside and get the food and shelter he urgently needed—all of which is provided through the gifts of caring friends and donors—Ennis hesitated outside the Mission doors. He’d never had to ask for help before.

Finally, he took a deep breath and stepped inside . . .

And that’s when, over a meal provided by a friend like you, we really got to know Ennis.

We listened as he shared about his father’s last days and the horror of homelessness.

We prayed and talked at length about God’s plans for us, in this life and for eternity.

We shared Christ’s promise of new life, which He bought for us on the cross.

And we assured him that God delivered him to DRMM to get the healing, hope, and fresh start he longed for . . .

Ennis says, “I hoped the Mission would take me in, and they did. They gave me food to eat, clothes, and a Bible. I’m thankful.”

I am thankful, too! To God and friends like you who made sure Ennis got the help he needed. But every day, between now and Easter Sunday, the Mission will provide as many as 5,000 meals to people who are hungry, homeless, jobless, and without hope.

So, please make a gift now to provide as many life-changing $1.95 meals as you can to save and change more people like Ennis this Easter. You are a great blessing to our neighbors in need!



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