Desperate to make changes, Kevin* turned to DRMM for help overcoming drug addiction and rebuilding his life. Shortly after his arrival, though, the pandemic turned our city, state, nation, and world upside down.

“I’m glad I’m here and not on the streets,” Kevin says. “This is my first time in a shelter, and I’ve learned a lot. They’re teaching me a lot.

“I never thought I’d be in this situation, especially with the virus going on. I never thought I would see this in my lifetime, people wearing masks all the time. They take our temperature, and there’s social distancing. They’re doing that for our health, for our protection.”

Besides safe shelter and wholesome meals, Kevin is grateful to be in an environment where he can rebuild and prepare for a new beginning in life. With drug use behind him, he’s ready to work and to be the best he can be. He says, “One of the staff got me a part-time job; it’s a start. Others are opening doors for me, too.”

Kevin enjoys the spiritual atmosphere at DRMM and wants supporters to know he is praying for them. “I want the donors to know they are blessing a lot of people through their support, and a lot of people need it. There are a lot of guys here who have lost jobs,” he says. “Without your help, a lot of people would be much worse off. I appreciate that you donate, and I appreciate the meals. God will bless you, and I thank you very much.”

Kevin will be giving thanks for you this Christmas, but please make a gift now to help other neighbors who are in need of safe shelter, food, and the tools to begin again.



Kevin is grateful for safe shelter and the resources to get back on his feet. He says, “I will take this experience with me and remember it the rest of my life. I’ll remember DRMM’s dedicated staff and how they’re trying to keep everybody safe.”

*Name changed for privacy

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