Winter on the streets of Detroit can be deadly—just ask Isaac.

Shackled by an addiction he could not overcome, Isaac called our city streets home for six long, painful years.

It was a cold January day when he finally came through the Mission doors. He was freezing, starving, and desperate to change his life.

Over a good hot $1.95 meal, provided by a friend like you, we told Isaac that if he worked hard and trusted God, we could absolutely help him overcome addiction, homelessness, joblessness and the despair that pushed him to the edge.

I thank God for leading Isaac to DRMM before the Polar Vortex moved in and plunged him into the brutal cold that brought our bustling city to a standstill and took the lives of a dozen people across the state.

It’s for people like Isaac—hungry, without a home, without hope at this most dangerous time of year—that I’m asking every caring friend and donor to pull together to make a difference for frightened men, women, and entire families this winter.

You see, when Isaac first walked through the Mission doors, he didn’t dare to hope that he would be welcomed at our table and served like family. And to have a safe, warm place to sleep, to get the help he needed to beat addiction—these were the things he’d prayed for while shivering in abandoned cars and houses!

But thanks to your support and God’s grace, Isaac got the lifesaving, life-changing help he urgently needed. Now he’s getting a second chance in life—a new beginning—and he is so grateful . . .

He says, “I thank God and DRMM. The Mission supported me in so many ways through the treatment program and housing. Without the Mission, I don’t know what I would have done.”

“Until I walked through the doors, I had no idea they had all these services to offer. If they ever close their doors, there’s going to be so many people hurting out there. Especially during winter, when it’s really cold, there will be people in here all day long.”

Bottom line: Isaac got the help he needed because friends like you care and support DRMM with your prayers and gifts.

But with another hard winter bearing down on us, I ask you to partner with us again. Because we anticipate as many as 66,000 hungry and frightened people will turn to us in the next few weeks for food and shelter from our frigid city streets!

Please make a generous gift now to provide hot meals and safe shelter for as many suffering people as you can. Together we can give lifesaving shelter and life-changing care to our neighbors in need during Detroit’s extreme winter!

Give Now!

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