In all my years at DRMM, I have never seen such an enormous need for hope.

It’s true! There is real despair in the faces of men, women, and children throughout our community. No mystery—it’s because they’re hungry, homeless, jobless . . . and scared.

In fact, that describes Mike’s circumstances exactly . . .

It was over a meal provided by a friend like you that we learned about the long, hard path Mike traveled that led him to us. He had tears in his eyes as he shared about the hunger and homelessness that were once his only companions.

“I was staying outside under a bridge,” Mike says. “It’s nice to have a bed and not have to dive in a dumpster to eat out of garbage cans.”

In the days leading up to Easter, we will provide meals and groceries to as many as 5,000 hungry and hurting people just like Mike  . . .

The way I see it, every one of those encounters is more than a chance to share food with the hungry . . . it’s 5,000 chances to spark renewed hope and launch new beginnings!

“I’m thankful every day,” Mike says, for the second chance he received. “Without the Mission, I would be under a bridge with the weather, stray dogs, coyotes, and crumbling concrete.

“Better days are ahead, and I’ll be happy to be back on my feet.”

This Easter will find Mike in a much better place because caring friends and donors gave him hope and the tools to overcome homelessness, joblessness, addiction, and more.

But so many others are still struggling . . .

For the sake of those who are hungry, hurting, and without hope this Easter, please make a gift to provide as many $1.95 meals as you can. And when you make your gift, you’ll have the chance to sign an Easter Pray Card that may make a life-changing difference for someone who is in despair.

Thank you for sharing the mercy and love of Christ with our neighbors in great need this Easter!



*Name changed for privacy

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